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Brush and Leaf Pick-Up

Published on: August 25, 2020   7:42 pm

Just a reminder that the Village picks up Leaves/grass clippings and brush on Monday and Thursday

The grass and leaves are to be in bio-degradable paper bags which are for sale at the Village office (2 for$1) or may be purchased elsewhere. Just a note, when filling the bags remember that someone will pick them up and put them in the truck. There should only be grass or leaves or hedge trimmings in the bags, NO: rocks, dirt, animal waste or other heavy objects should be in the bags at all. Brush and limbs should be cut to a 4′ length and bundled together (again remember they must be lifted into the truck). Also keep in mind that we are picking up throughout the entire Village and should not be filling the truck up at one residence. If you have an entire truck load of debris from a major landscape project you should be making other arrangements for the removal. After any major storm, the Village will do what we are able to accommodate everyone as best we can.

Thank you for your cooperation

J. Thompson, Mayor